Bouffant Cap 1000 Pieces

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Yorgi India Disposable Non Woven Bouffant Head Cap 1000 Pieces

  • Made Of High Quality Non Woven Fiber Fabric that is Durable and Long Lasting
  • 100 pack 18"disposable bouffant caps is of light-weight and breath-ability, which will never let the head feel muggy.
  • Our disposable head caps with elastic band makes it perfectly fit your head, which won’t make your head feel tight and bound.
  • this 100 pack disposable hair net can be used for home, hospital, spa, salon, service industry and dust-free workspace, won’t afraid of the accidental hair loss.
  • This disposable hat is wonderful preparation for home and factory, say good bye to the embarrass of the lost hair, create a healthy and clean environment.


Yorgi India Disposable Bouffant Head Cap is made of high quality non woven fiber. Our disposable cap is light, breathable and dust-proof. Disposable bouffant caps are widely used for protecting hair for multiple beauty, body and hygiene reasons. It is used in kitchen, medical, household, gardening accessory etc.


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