Plastic Hand Gloves 1000 Pcs.

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Yorgi India 1000 Pieces Disposable Plastic Gloves

  • 1000 Piece plastic disposable gloves :11.2 inches*9.8 inches . Suitable for everyone’s size.
  • Color :transparent. Gloves.25*28.5(cm),Thick Poly PE.Gloves thicker, ,environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Suitable for: kitchen food handling, cleaning, party dining, car washing and so on.
  • Super quantity: 1000 PCS!10 packages, 100 pack.
  • Environmental PE material, non-toxic, hygienic. No rubber, no odor.


Yorgi India Plastic Hand Gloves is made of high quality HDPE/LDPE Film. Our Plastic Hand Gloves help in keeping germs and viruses from outspreading to you. It is a pack of 100 pieces uses and throws plastic gloves made up of lightweight, portable and food-grade, waterproof PE material, therefore, totally safe and hygienic.


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